Chris Carruthers - Founder of The Molyneux Network

Our founding principle is to assist charitable, non-profit and emergency relief teams around the world by providing graphic design, web development and creative digital expertise completely free of charge.

This is only possible with a large network of contributors from a range of disciplines, volunteering their time. If enough of us get together it is possible to fulfil the creative or technical requirements of these life-changing, sometimes even life-saving organisations on a global scale.

I've worked for over a decade in the creative industries completing projects for charity & non-profit clients. Like any professional, my work has been my livelihood and even for a good cause it is unfortunately not viable to work for free. Despite this I believe these kinds of organisations should have access to creative and technical skills and expertise without having to part with funds that are better spent elsewhere.

Our small but dedicated team are currently building The Molyneux Network from the ground up, with our full website and mobile app currently in development and due for launch in 2018.

Right now we need your help and participation!

If you work for a non-profit, disaster relief fund, charitable organisation or similar we need your input - any feedback, suggestions or ideas will be invaluable as the project takes shape.

Please register your organisation, consider sending feedback and sign up to our newsletter for updates.

If you’re a designer, developer, consultant, freelancer or agency specialising in any creative or technical discipline - this is a plea for your time! Join us and volunteer any time you can - no matter how small, your contribution and simply your presence will make all the difference.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Connecting non-profit, charitable and relief organisations with creative and technical professionals volunteering to help those in need.

Our super-smart techies are powering away on the full-scale Molyneux website, to be launched later this year.
The new website will empower creatives and non-profits to communicate, collaborate and seamlessly complete projects. The Molyneux Network will include profile pages, support forums, resources, project alerts, project/skill search and filtering, social integration and much more!

Here's a quick run down of how it will work..

NPO / Charities

Non-Profit, Emergency Relief or Social Enterprise organisations can register for free and post briefs for creative projects they require.

Creative Contributors

Volunteer contributors can search for and assist with or complete project briefs. Projects can be filtered by urgency, sector, skill set and more.


Contributors will receive reputation rewards and recognition for successful projects, including an official ‘Molyneux’ badge to be displayed on websites or portfolios.

Completed projects will help these charitable organisations grow, reach their goals and help make the world a better place!

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*We’d love to know what would you like to see from The Molyneux Network, how best can we help those in need and what functionality should be included in our website and app?

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Thank you all for your interest in The Molyneux Network project.

Our next steps will be the launch of our website and app so watch this space!

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